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Passenger: Turbulence Billy Bell

December 15, 2011

I had to post this video. I came across it by chance. I have never seen Billy Bell live but I have always wanted to. This piece is so daring, I was moved and so stunned not just by Billy’s dancing, but Billy’s choreography as well.

You see from the rawness of his emotion that he is expressing something that affected him deeply. He has reached into a place that some artists are afraid to go. Passenger: Turbulence is the exemplification of the seamless blend of emotion, movement and intellect. He deconstructs technique only to reassemble it back into something uniquely personal to him. He is able to reach in and pull on the soul so that you feel it even on video. I think he is one of the great dancers of this generation.

Choreography: Billy Bell
Dancer: Billy Bell
Soundscape: Billy Bell
This piece was performed at the Ailey Citigroup Theater on May 22nd, 2010 as part of Lunge Dance Collective.

Passenger: Turbulence is a solo developed from a traumatic experience with turbulence and the idea that every time you board a plane you willingly put your life in someone else’s hands without even thinking about it.

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