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Cool New York 2012 Dance Festival, Program H

February 18, 2012

MADboots dance co. Photo by Miguel Anaya

Cool New York Dance Festival is a two-week dance extravaganza with a mixture of 60 choreographers and dance companies. They presented 64 original works with 295 performers from across the United States and abroad. It takes place in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) at the John Ryan Theater. Of the eight programs plus 2 days for family matinees, I was fortunate to be able to witness Program H.

MADboots dance co. Photo by Miguel Anaya

To open the program was MADboots dance co., the brain child of Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz. What an opening it was indeed! They seemed as dark twins dressed in all black as they performed a duet entitled “and they say romance is dead”. Filled with unexpected movements, small gestures and intense bouts of athleticism, it was a portrait of a relationship that was at war with itself, a seeming constant battle of functional versus dysfunctional. Campbell and Diaz’s movements are intuitive and not over analyzed, they take everyday gestures and break it down to its base functions, than exploring and expanding, creating new meaning and new vocabularies of movement. At the end, Diaz’s solo was both haunting and real in its quiet expressiveness as he backs off the stage in his tidy whiteys and his tee-shirt pulled over his head to Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender.

Situ, Inc Photo by Miguel Anaya

Situ, Inc in Real and Burrowed Personas was a study in the workings of the creative process. Choreographed by Elaine Shipman with text written and performed by Austin Alexis, it exposes the inner landscape of the artist mind. The essence of art is questioned; the relationship between master and student, maestro and muse is explored. It is an abstract and multi-layered, flows and develops as voices and movement grow. It is a valuable piece of dance.

Cori Marquis & Alexander Dones Photo by Miguel Anaya

F=Gm1m2/r^2 (Universal law of Gravitation) choreographed by Cori Marquis and Alexander Dones was a powerhouse of a performance. It was haunting and arresting and possessed an intensity that was sensual and passionate. Filled with daring partnering that was based on a joint trust that was evident. This is a very personal journey we are witnessed, she trust him and he is always there for her.

Joe Celej’s Echoes and Coral was a solo danced exquisitely by Robert Moore. Filled with strong athleticism, Mr. Celej is willing to bend the rules, he is willing to explore and express. Echoes and Corals was a piece of majestic masculinity, mystery and daring.

F Train Choreography by Joe Celej Damced by Robert Moore

Special Thanks to Miguel Anaya for the Photos


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