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Six Dances by Jiri Kylian’s “Black and White Ballets”

April 25, 2012

Six Dances, created by Jiri Kylian’s of one of his “Black and White Ballets”. It’s like some demented court dance from Versailles and the 17th century with the French nobility scrambling during Robespierre and the Reign of Terror. It’s witty, amusing, somewhat dark and absolutely brilliant!

Six Dances (1986) by Jiri Kylian’s “Black and White Ballets
Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Dancers: Karine Guizzo, Caroline Armenta, Lisa Drake, Nancy Euverink, Paul Lightfoot, Johan Inger, Patrick Delcroix, Urtzi Aranburu, Fiona Lummis, Elke Schepers, Ivan Dubreuil, Ken Ossola, Stefan Zeromski

The piece to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Six German Dances”, like all the others is new and witty. Many of the 8 dancers’ actions are coarse and speedy, full of threats, unrest and absurdity. The men wear powdered periwigs above their naked torsi. The ladies are clothed in drastic skirts. And in the illumination of the spotlights, scintillating soap bubbles fall from the rigging loft in cascades down upon the dancers. The equally witty and bizarre scene is a winking paean and pomp, ending in clouds of wig powder and soap bubbles. Images full of humor and comedy prove once more what an imaginative, charismatic power Jiri Kilian possesses. The delicious humour of the piece moved numerous viewers and reviewers to remark that the Salzburg composer would have enjoyed it. Even if “Six Dances” appears to be no more than a sparklingly witty assembly of nonsense carried out in costumes designed by the choreographer himself, who calls them “Mozartian underwear”, there is still a dark, ominous undertone. As “The Scotsman” wrote: ” …that is what’s so wonderful about Kylian’s work: it is never quite what it seems to be.”


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