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Grupo Corpo to appear at BAM, Nov. 1st – 3rd with Sem Mim & Imã

May 24, 2012


Sem Mim (Without Me)

Choreography: Rodrigo Pederneiras

Music: Carlos Núñes and José Miguel Wisnik (on songs by Martín Codax)

Set Design & Lighting: Paulo Pederneiras

Costume Design: Freusa Zechmeister

The sea (of Vigo), that carries away and brings back the lover, the friend, gives life and movement to sem mim (without me). The ballet is rocked and soothed by the original score composed by Carlos Núñez, of Vigo, and José Miguel Wisnik, of Brazil, and based on the only set of pieces from the medieval Galician-Portuguese secular songbook that has come down to us with its scores intact: the celebrated “sea of Vigo song cycle” by Martín Codax. In the seven songs, dating from the 13th century, the poet always expresses the voice of the woman, or, more specifically, the voice of maidens in love that weep the absence or celebrate the imminent return of the lover-friend. Anxious to be reunited, they confide at times in the sea, at times in the mother, at times in friends. And, to appease or excite their desire, they go bathing in the waves of the sea of Vigo.

The lyrics of this medieval troubadour lead Rodrigo Pederneiras to mark his moving score with the interchange between calm and fury and with the ebb and flow of the waves and also to (re)produce, in the posturing on stage, the separation between feminine and masculine, where one always complains of the absence of the other, in choreography portraying the constant flux of advances and retreats and the recurrence of sinuous or abrupt movements of the torso.



Choreography: Rodrigo Pederneiras

Music: + 2 (Moreno, Domenico, Kassin)

Set Design & Lighting: Paulo Pederneiras

Costume Design: Freusa Zechmeister

The principles of interdependence and complementarity that govern human relationships serve as choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras’ point of departure for the creation of ímã. Smooth and vital, trivial and strange, the piece by GRUPO CORPO is marked by the stage’s constant alternation between full and empty. Solos, duos and smaller and larger groups form and dissipate throughout in an incessant game of union and dispersion.

The soundtrack composed by + 2, a trio made up of Domenico, Kassin and Moreno, superimposes tones and textures of a wide range of diverse instruments – guitar and ocarina, or synth and cuíca – to journey through abstract themes that are essentially melodic or typically electronic, revealing influences that range from bossanovista João Donato to ‘70s afro-music icon Fela Kuti, visiting contemporary Japanese multi-instrumentalist Cornelius along the way.

Brooklyn Academy of Muaic

30 Lafayette Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11243

(718) 636-4100

Grupo Corpo


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