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Motion Control (a screen dance film)

June 27, 2012

This is one of the most strangely fascinating things I have seen in a while. It starts very oddly, the soundtrack at the beginning is a little nerve-grating, but give it a chance. Whatever you think of it you will not soon forget it….

Motion Control (a screen dance film)


Arts Council of England, BBC, London, UK

Director: David Alexander Anderson

Chorography: Liz Aggiss/Billy Cowie

Music: Billy Cowie

Performer: Liz Aggiss

Singer: Naomi Itami

Executive Producer: Rodney Wilson (Arts Council of England)

Executive Producer: Bob Lockyer (BBC)

Motion Control was produced with an Arts Council England / BBC Dance for Camera Award and examines the synergy between camera and performer. The film is notable for hyper-sound Foley score overlaid with text and electro-opera. First broadcast on BBC2 3rd March 2002, Motion Control concerns itself with a dynamic partnership between computer operated Motion Control camera, and performer. This screen dance film tests the boundaries of dialogue between camera and performer, camera and space, camera and sound and has raised the profile internationally of screen dance from the UK and in particular from Brighton. It has received numerous international awards, worldwide screenings and has helped to locate South East Dance Agency as screen dance specialist organization. Awards for Motion Control include; Czech Crystal Golden Prague Television Award 2002, Honorable Mention Paula Citron Award Toronto 2002 , Special Jury Golden Award World FilmFest Houston 2003, Best Female Film Mediawaves Hungary 2003. Since its publication in 2002 Motion Control continues to tour to international film festival and is included with Forward Motion, Take7 compilation packages. The iconic ‘red dress’ image featuring Professor Aggiss has been used worldwide as publicity for screen dance the art form.


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