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Dareian Kujawa from So You Think You Can Dance speaks about his future…

September 4, 2012

Dareian Kujawa

I was a little devastated when Dareian Kujawa got voted off So You Think You Can Dance. Ok, I was a lot devastated! Dareian has such an excellent facility for dance and is one of the most lyrical male dancers ever on the show. He has an expressive quality and you want to watch him dance, for he dances with so much passion and excitement that it just pulls you in.

I contacted Dareian and asked if he had time to speak with me…..

First off why did I always think you were from Hawaii?

It’s because of my nationality, I am not from Hawaii but I am Hawaiian. I’m Polynesian, Hawaiian-Japanese actually.   

How are you doing since being eliminated from SYTYCD?

I’m doing really well actually; after I was eliminated I was really sad that the show had to end for me. I was worried about what would be next, I was hoping after the show there would be offers and a few days after I got home I started getting messages on Facebook and Twitter. Plus I had spoken with the choreographers from the show and they said they would love to work with me again. They said the next time I was in L.A. to shot them a text and let them know I am in town. So I’m hopeful.

But right now I am just saving money. I have gotten teaching offers all over Las Vegas, which is really cool. I have been saving my money so I can go back out to LA.

So where do you teach?

In Boulder City at Dance Etc., its 20 minutes outside of town.

Dareian Kujawa

Tell me about the SYTYCD experience.

It’s exciting yet stressful at the same time. It’s a lot of work in very little time, so you have to really be on and give it your most. We got only limited time with the choreographers to learn each piece, and then me and Janelle (Issis) would just rehearse until we felt confident for our performances.

When the choreographers are creating a new piece, how much input did you have, such as Mia Michaels’ Bed piece?

Working with Mia Michaels was awesome. She is so talented and I felt honored to have the chance to work with her. She was great; she actually took the original work and choreographed new sections and added new movement in places. She was very open with us, having us try different things and adjusting movements for our bodies to make it our own.

What was it like working with Mia; she seems tough when teaching dancers choreography during the initial city auditions.

She’s focused and able to really get the most out of a dancer. She pushes you to do things and find things within yourself you did not know was there. She all business, she doesn’t like to waste time, she expects the most out of you.

Were there any choreographers you really wanted to work with but did not get the chance to?

Travis Walls, I really wanted to work with him. I think he is so amazingly talented both as a dancer and as a choreographer.

What is your training and what techniques have you studied?

I been dancing since the age of 3. I have studied ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, tap and gymnastics. My focus is mainly contemporary, I love it, I love the freedom it gives me.

Dareian Kujawa

Since your exposure on SYTYCD, do you think it will make it any easier getting work?

That’s my hope, that it has gotten my name and my face out there. That people will see how hard I am willing to work and my commitment to dance.

What is on the horizon for you and your career, what is your next move?

I am saving my money preparing to move to Los Angeles. There’s a lot of great dance there and some very talented people I would love to work with. Plus, I just got an agent so I very excited.

This is my favorite of Dareian’s solos………….


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