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My Day at the Ballet….

February 18, 2013

Yesterday I got all gussied up for my foray in to the city for the Pacific Northwest Ballet production of Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Romeo et Juliette at the New York City Center for the 2pm matinee… I’ve included a link below….

Side Note….Ten years ago I was diagnosed with an hereditary neurological disorder…Oh, lucky me…I have a large problem with my balance…I often can fall down and go boom….hence I use a motorized wheelchair for distance journeys…..

Now, I live right outside of NYC in NJ, right across the river in actuality, so I must take the PATH Train from NJ to NYC and 33rd St….At 12:15 I left New Jersey, upon arrival to 33rd St. I zoomed from the PATH system to the NYC Subway System, and I conveniently made a speedy and expedited switch to the Uptown D Train. Hence I got to 59 St.-Columbus Cycle, my carefully planned destination, at 1:15 pm…Great I think, I can hit Starbucks for a quick bite before the performance…(wishful thinking)…

Immediately upon my arrival I discovered that the 59 St Uptown D Train elevator was out of commission…The MTA representative nicely and wisely or so I thought, judicially advised that I jump upon the soon to arrive Express D Train to 125th St, upon my arrival I was to take an elevator up, in order to cross over to take an elevator down, once down I was to immediately board the Express Downtown D Train upon its arrival to return to 59th St.

Of course I immediately proceed to study the indigenous peoples who dwell in the under fines of NYC (I am pondering the penning of what I am sure to be a joint Pulitzer/Nobel Peace Prize winning Exposé upon the subject…)… Preoccupied with my no doubt groundbreaking observations I mistakenly board the LOCAL C Train at 125 St instead of the Express D Train. …In case you are pondering let me assure you it’s a long way between 59th St and 125 St when it is via a Local as opposed to an Express Train……(…I am now seriously upset with myself and am fairly certain that my blood pressure has become somewhat elevated….)…

Upon arrival at the 59th St. I rapidly locate the much needed apparatus (i.e. elevator) to ensure my exodus from subway to sunshine only to discover the Downtown D Train elevator was out of commission also…You think the MTA would be aware that both of the 59th St. D Train elevators were none functioning but, alas, NO!……(…My blood pressure is now so high that I’ve become fairly positive a pair of bass drums are in full rehearsal between my ears…. it’s a wonder I did not keel over from a rather server brain embolism right then and there …)…after lengthy discussion between two bewildered and perplexed transit workers as to what I should do….(which was more like a Saturday Night Live skit and would have been extremely humorous under other circumstances)….I was advised to turn around and head downtown to 42 St. Upon my arrival I can then exit the subway system…I begrudgingly thank them, I was not in a gracious frame of mind and set forth with all due haste for the proscribed destination, the 42nd St/Port Authority Bus Terminal….now, mind you, once I am again above ground and in the sunshine…I am NINE BLOCKS from where I started almost an hour and a half agoI am almost frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog I am so upset……I have unwilling now transgressed much of Manhattan…

Upon exiting that hope-forsaken and thrice damned NYC Subway Systems I giddily galloped up 8th Ave and I got to City Center just minutes before the intermission.

Now I’m very late, my dear friend, who was positively apoplectic with concern has left because he cannot reach me and assumes he had the wrong date and surely it must be next Saturday’ s performance…..and I’m an emotional wreck….

Since I am already so late I figured what harm could it do…I jetted into the Starbucks adjacent to the New York City Center and grabbed a scorn and a bottle of water…I never had time for lunch…that’s why I was originally excited about being ahead of schedule and stopping by Starbucks in the first place…They have a smoked turkey with brie on brioche I highly recommend.

Once I acquire my ticket which had been left for me at the Box Office (and since the performance is in full swing by now) excepting fate I settled on to a settee and began to discreetly nosh on my scone…(crumbs went everywhere)….thus I was able to relax…at intermission I took my set and greatly enjoyed the second half of the performance….which I shall soon pen about for this site…..

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Romeo et Juliette, choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot….

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