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La, La, La Human Steps | “La La La Human Sex Duo No. 1″….

July 2, 2014

Édouard Lock’s works have appeared on film. 1987’s La La La Human Sex duo no 1, directed by Bernhard Hébert and starring Louise Lecavalier and Marc Béland, is a short black-and-white film which won six international prizes including one from the Festival international du film sur l’art de Montréal. Also directed by Bernhard Hébert, Le petit musée de Velasquez (1994), is a free adaptation of eight choreographed pieces from Infante, c’est destroy. Actress Markita Boies appears alongside the La La La Human Steps dancers in this colour feature film which blends contemporary dance with the world of the great Spanish Baroque painter Diego Velázquez.

As recorded from a PBS broadcast of Alive From Off Center back in the late 1980’s, this is an adequate VHS capture of a La La La Human Steps’ performance of Human Sex. There are a couple other releases of this performance at You-tube right now, but I think this one is probably a higher-quality capture. I hope everyone will enjoy it. I find it impossible to keep my jaw closed while I watch this. Truly amazing…

…In 1986 Mr. Lock won a Bessie Award for his 1985 work Human Sex, after the piece was shown during the Awards show Mark Morris screamed out “Genocide” at the top of his voice….



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