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Mauro Astolfi’s ” Lost for Words” | Spellbound Contemporary Ballet ….

May 21, 2015

spell i-001

Choreography: Mauro Astolfi

Music: “The Making of Grief Point” by loscil

Lighting Design: Marco Policastro

“Defeated by an invasion of empty words… Initially, the body tries to resist, but eventually gives in even though it sees that many others merely pretend to understand and agree. Dialectic projects and various slogans invade the language and hinder the mind and its work… At this point, the body must find the strength and power to free itself from these empty words, movement becomes something mixed with people and finds out that behind most of them… there is nothing…


Maria Cossu, Marianna Ombrosi, Sofia Barbiero, Alessandra Chirulli, Giacomo Todeschi, Mario Laterza , Michelangelo Puglisi, Giuliana Mele, Gaia Mattioli

“Lost for Words” was the only European production awarded a National Dance Project subsidy in the USA for the 2012/2013 season.

Spellbound Dance

Established between 1994 and 1995 by Director Mauro Astolfi, Spellbound is now one of the most interesting identities among the Made in Italy….


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