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Bromance by Barely Methodical Troupe….

January 14, 2016

Created by Barely Methodical Troupe

Directed by Eddie Kay

Produced by Dream

With Support from

Underbelly Productions &

The National Centre for Circus Arts of

Circus Maximus

Additional choreography: Ella Robson Guilfoyle

Lighting: Kate Bonney

Barely Methodical Troupe

Barely Methodical Troupe

BMT (Barely Methodical Troupe) is an experimental acrobatic circus company, fusing Hand-to-Hand and Cyr Wheel with a through line of creative dynamic movement.
The artists came to circus, each having trained independently in their own respective fields, with a thirst for breaking boundaries. Influenced by their already existing skill sets (Parkour, Bboying, and Tricking), they have a fresh perspective on the creation of their material. This combination of technical ability with their stylish flow is the defining feature of the troupe.


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