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“Trio ConcertDance” / Alessandra Ferri and Herman Cornejo ¬with Bruce Livingston at the Joyce Theater….

March 12, 2016
Alessandra Ferri & Herman Cornejo in “TRIO ConcertDance”. Photo :Roberto Ricci

Alessandra Ferri & Herman Cornejo in “TRIO ConcertDance”. Photo :Roberto Ricci

March 2-6, 2015, the Joyce Theater Foundation presented Alessandra Ferri and Herman Cornejo with the American pianist Bruce Levingston for the U/S. premiere of Trio ConcertDance.

The beauty of the performances was in the simplicity of the choreography…nothing flashy or overly complicated. Because of the simplistic beauty of the choreography you could truly focus on the performances of Ms. Ferri and Mr. Cornejo.

Fang-Yi Sheu’s Senza Tempo, set to Bach, is an exploration of both devotion and protection. Mr. Cornejo stands behind Ms. Ferri with their arms interwoven like snakes. Clifton Taylor, who was the lighting designer for the performance, subtle backlit the performers so at first it was hard to tell if it was some sort of tree like sculpture it’s many branches locked in geometric patterns or the dancers’ standing one behind the other

This piece focuses on the arms and the arms’ relationship to each other. There constant connection provided a circuitry for the energies to pass between the dancers. Ms. Ferri would step away from Mr. Cornejo, arms still woven together only to have Mr. Cornejo quickly step in and readjust his arms so she resides within his protective embrace.

Herman Cornejo performed Momentum which he had also choreographed. Dancing to Philip Glass’ Etude No. 16 Mr. Cornejo gave evidence as to why he is one of American Ballet Theatre’s most celebrated principal dancers. He has an uncanny ability to turn, his body spinning in wonderful ways, whether in the air or on the floor.

He moved with such sensuality that it was breath-taking. He would step into a position and then with the grace of a panther move into the next. It was indeed one of the best performances by Mr. Cornejo I have seen and I have seen him perform many times.

Alessandra Ferri & Herman Cornejo in “TRIO ConcertDance”. Photo :Roberto Ricci

Alessandra Ferri & Herman Cornejo in “TRIO ConcertDance”. Photo :Roberto Ricci

Throughout the evening you witness the strong chemistry that exists between Mr. Ferri and Mr. Cornejo, it was always passionate and at times almost erotic in it intensity. When Mr. Cornejo gathered Ms. Ferri info his arms and kissed her passionately you could hear gasps of admiration from the audience.

Now add to the mix acclaimed American pianist Bruce Levingston, one of today’s leading figures in contemporary music. He has had the distinction of composers such as Philip Glass and Timo Andres creating music for him.. He is known for his “extraordinary gifts as a colorist and a performer who can hold attention rapt with the softest playing” (MusicWeb International).

Mr. Levingston created a rich tapestry of sound the matched the talents of both Ms. Ferri and Mr. Cornejo. Trio ConcertDance was truly an evening of magic and majestic performances. Bravo to all involved…


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